SHASN - Kickstarter Edition with US Campaign

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2 piece matte finish game box for all gameplay components
1 Standard tuck box for voter cards
1 Game Board for 3-5 players
5 Player Mats
1 HQ Mat
2 Resource Punchouts
1 Rulebook
4 Ideologue cards
60 voter cards
5 Notes from Cabinet cards
300 wooden voter pegs (60x5)

1 2 piece resource box
1 Edge of Chaos board
1 punch board for Home Turf, movable Volatile Zone, and IOU tokens
1 scenario book
1 SHASN comic book
13 Elite cards
12 Cost of Victory cards
5 drawstring bags for voter pegs

USA Campaign deck
1 magnetic tuck box for Ideology cards
1 standard tuck box for Headline and Conspiracy cards
108 Ideology cards
20 Conspiracy cards
20 Headline cards